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Running Tender Offer includes:

  • Assessment of documents provided. 

  • Highlight potential price risk elements, provide advice on fixing / resolving those (additional surveys, specifications, checks etc)

  • Site visit if required.

  • Procurement Strategy - detailed discussion on available contract options to decide on how the project should be contracted.

  • Prepare Preliminaries document to reflect chosen contracting method and any known constraints / requirements.

  • Develop initial cost plan into tender document.

  • Compile and preselect a list of 10-15 contractors to tender.

  • Run pre-qualification questionnaire to assess competences, ability and financial situation of these contractors.

  • Based on the information provided preselect 5 contractors who will be tendering the project

  • Compile all available tender documents and issue for client’s review / acceptance.

  • Issue tenders to pre-selected contractors

  • If required host a mid-tender meeting / interview with contractors over zoom (up to 30 minutes per contractor)

  • Record all enquiries and provide answers. Issue a sheet with latest information to all contractors as soon as available for inclusion in the tender return.

  • Collate tender responses and input them into a comparison sheet.

  • Issue questions / clarifications to render responses provided.

  • Input the answers / revisions to the comparison sheet.

  • Chair zoom with the clients / design team to review tender returns and select the final contractor.


Other constraints:

  • We cannot guarantee the number of tender returns, nor can we be responsible for the quality of those. It is up to the client to decide whether they wish to proceed with the works / contractor or not.

  • Site visits include zone 1 and 2 of TFL transport link or up to 10 miles from the office in Rickmansworth.

  • 50% should be paid on appointment and 50% prior to tenders being issued to contractors.

Sounds interesting?

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