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If we haven’t met yet, Hi! I’m Julia. My background is in Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying. I have spent nearly a decade working on high end residential projects in London, delivering themost unique houses you can imagine.


While doing that I realised a couple of things. My reach and impact was limited as there are only as many hours in a day. Plus I was spending more time proving to people that, as a woman, I really know what I’m doing, then actually doing it. I also had a chance to work on the contractor side, seeing other consultants inaction. And trust me, it was shocking to see how feeding big egos took precedence over clients needs and desires.


I felt like the construction world was very much a space where people were saying “my job description doesn’t include this so it’s not my problem”  And at the end of the day it was the clients who were left with the problems. In 2020 I quit my job. Yes. You read this right. I put my resignation in 3 weeks before the first lockdown got announced and became a market disruptor giving my clients exactly what they need - peace of mind and convenience.


Today I run the most exclusive Project Management Agency in the West End of London specialising in delivering unique homes for people investing £3-5M into their lifestyle upgrade.


You might be wondering why STAR Projects then? That’s a very… special name. Well. Most of the conversation I have ends with the statement ‘Julia, you are a star!’


What makes us different? 

We provide a lot of stand alone services such as contract strategy calls available to all. Our done for you service is very much exclusive to 3 clients per year. We only work with a handful of clients to offer them full support and service required. 


We take outside the box thinking to another level. Most of the consultants only work to their job description level. But delivering bespoke results often requires a non traditional way of thinking.

The work we deliver speaks for itself. We can be relied upon, we do not accept 'no' as an answer and we love challenges. When everyone else says 'it's not going to happen' we reply: just watch this space!

Having worked with a number of prestigious clients in the past we are well aware that trust is an invaluable element of such a relationship. Let alone personal circumstances, the confidential information shared with us is never going out the door. 


Because we are people-first business we always deliver a service beyond expectations celebrating all milestones along the way. A true family approach is always carefully monitored by Client Satisfaction Manager - Suzie.

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Completed Projects

Below are some examples of the projects we worked on. However, our clients' privacy and their desire to create unique spaces is hugely important to them and us. If you wish to see our most current portfolio please contact us to book a meeting, where we will be happy to show you a hard copy and talk through everything involved.

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