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Typical ProjectProcess


Establish aims and goals.
Put together a project appraisal including cost plan, propose a design team and overall programme.


Concept design.
Propose contracting strategy.
Review cost plan for the project.
Action required permissions and licences.


Detailed design including finishes.
Review cost plan as necessary.
Pre qualify contractors.
Finalise permissions and licences.


Finalise tender information.
Run tender process.
Negotiate final costs.
Draft a contract.


Contract Administration and Project Management of the works.
Regular progress updates.
Final Accounts negotiation.

Services we offer

Cost Management

Setting your expectations right in terms of the budget is one of the most important elements of your renovation journey. Or shall I say the expectations of the other half. A cost plan that will give you a realistic view of budget is crucial to your success.


Not everyone realises that the bill doesn't end with the construction costs. It's important to set them in context of design costs, risk factors and contingencies all dependant on chosen procurement method. But who has the time to read 50 pages (or more!) of block text with figures in excel sheet?

Our cost plan is clear and transparent. It allows you steer the design choices in a direction lead by your budget providing full control and value engineering at every step of the project. And if that wasn't enough we provide you with a short two page summary of crucial facts you need to know when reading a 50 page document is not an option.

We spend a lot of time understanding your aims and based on that we provide advisory on your options to procure a contractor that 100% aligns with your expectations. That way risk of not achieving your goal is no longer an option. 

Project Management

I dare to say that project management starts before any design work is done. It starts with establishing goals. It also doesn't end with the builders walking out the door. We pride ourselves in supporting our clients along the whole journey. Starting with establishing brief, planning project procurement and delivery, managing design team procurement, managing any governing bodies, procurement of the contractor as well as management of the construction phase.

It is worth highlighting that behind every project stands a team of people. Behind a good team there is always a leader. Star Projects approach is to always understand the ultimate goal of the client and build a team that will allow this experience being joyful. We offer solutions rather then discuss problems. Effective communication, setting clear targets and deadlines is necessary to an effective delivery. Surprises are always desired but not in the context of construction world. 

We work with client representatives as well as directly with clients seeking a single point of contact managing all parties involved. All of our services are bespoke and tailored to each individual client. 

Contract Administration

Depending on a procurement method and a type of contract you will most likely need a Contract Administrator also called an Employers Agent. Such person has a role to fulfil under he contract - issuing payment certificates, issuing instructions, assessing any claims etc. Basically it's a little extension to the Project Management duty. 

There is very little space for grey colour in construction world. Things either go fine and everyone is happy or is a major disaster. When things do go wrong, for whatever reason (Not everything is in our control. COVID outbreak was a great example of that) it's best to have protocols and procedures in place so that everyone is secured. 

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