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Ways to work with me

Contract Strategy Session

If you are about to embark on a refurbishment project and you need help choosing the right procurement method or a form of contract that will protect you and your money - this call is for you! 

The Building Contract Strategy Session consists of up to 60 minutes on zoom where we will establish your aims and objectives in terms of the project.  We will discuss some of the risks you should consider. I will briefly explain the different procurement methods, highlight the main differences and suggest the best one for you. I will also propose the appropriate standard form of contract you can purchase separately.


Project Emergency / Rescue Session

Is your project falling behind?

Are you struggling with the building work?

Do you wish you never started?

If you have recently commenced building work and it's not really going to plan, you might need help. You have been very careful and specific as to what you want to achieve and yet! Something is going wrong. You project is falling behind, costs are mounting up or you feel you are losing control. You need help but don't know who to ask for it - this session is for you! 

Project Appraisal Package

If we haven’t met yet, Hi! I’m Julia. My background is in Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying. I have spent nearly a decade working on high end residential projects in London, delivering themost unique houses you can imagine.


While doing that I realised a couple of things. My reach and impact was limited as there are only as many hours in a day. Plus I was spending more time proving to people that, as a woman, I really know what I’m doing, then actually doing it.


Now sure what is right for you?

Exclusive done for you services

Your convenience and peace of mind are our priority. We provide first class service to private, residential luxury property owners and occupiers on their home renovation journey guiding them from the stage of an idea formation to a house turnkey stage. We offer solutions to problems that you might have not considered and bring the best designers, contractors and specialists to fulfil your strict requirements and deliver uncompromising quality.  

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Cost Consultancy

Setting your expectations right in terms of the budget is one of the most important elements of your renovation journey. A cost plan that will give you a realistic view of the budget is crucial to your success. 


Not everyone realises that the bill doesn't end with the construction costs. It's important to set them in context of design costs, risk factors and contingencies all dependant on chosen procurement method. 

Our cost plan is clear and transparent. It allows you steer the design choices in a direction lead by your budget providing full control and value engineering at every step of the project. 

We spend a lot of time understanding your aims and based on that we provide advisory on your options to procure a contractor that 100% aligns with your expectations. That way risk of not achieving your goal is no longer an option. 

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Project Management

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients along the whole journey. Starting with establishing briefs, planning project procurement and delivery, managing design team procurement, managing any governing bodies, procurement of the contractor as well as management of the construction phase.

Project management starts before any design work is done. It starts with establishing goals. It also doesn't end with the builders walking out the door. Effective communication, setting clear targets and deadlines is necessary to an effective delivery. 

We work exclusively with clients seeking a single point of contact managing all parties involved. All of our services are bespoke and tailored to each individual client. 

Contract Advisory

There is no one size fits all. There is no one procurement method fitting all of the projects. There is no one contract that would answer all the issues. We provide advisory so that you can choose the best option for you.

Depending on a procurement method and a type of contract you will most likely need a Contract Administrator also called an Employers Agent. Such person has a role to fulfil under he contract - issuing payment certificates, issuing instructions, assessing any claims etc. Basically it's a little extension to the Project Management duty. 

There is very little space for grey colour in construction world. Things either go fine and everyone is happy or is a major disaster. When things do go wrong, for whatever reason (Not everything is in our control. COVID outbreak was a great example of that) it's best to have protocols and procedures in place so that everyone is secured. 

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